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Home: Welcome

Who we are

      My name is Tim Taylor. At nine years old I discovered a love of raising animals as a member of the Pacifica 4-H club. I raised market hogs for ten years and developed my leadership skills to the level of Diamond Star before I turned 16. After I graduated high school, I went to the College of San Mateo and majored in Business - until I changed my major to follow my passion of livestock production. After receiving an Associate’s degree from the College of San Mateo, I transferred to the California State Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo, California (Cal Poly) where I studied Animal Science with a focus on range management and free range livestock production.

      During College I had the opportunity to work on two internships. I worked in Melba, Idaho for Bear Mountain Angus ranch where I calved out Angus cows, artificially inseminated cows, and managed bulls. My second internship was as the general cattle manager at Bruin Ranch in Auburn, California. 

      After college I got a job as the cow herd manager at Prather Ranch, a vertically integrated cattle ranch in MacDowell, California. I left Prather for the unique opportunity to be a Nutrition Quality Supervisor for the Harris Ranch Feeding Company in Coalinga, California. 

      Eventually, looking to branch out and into my own production, I moved from Harris Ranch to work for Monterey County as an Agricultural Inspector Biologist, since May 2008. 

Currently, myself, my significant other, Alisha, and family, are working to provide a meat product that is not only humanly produced, but also provides one of the finest eating experiences possible.

We sit on just over 30 acres, nestled in the oak studded central coast, with our 100 +/- hogs, many chickens, cattle, lambs, and 5 Bullmastiffs.

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What we do

Taylor Made Livestock produces Kurobuta pork, lamb, and grass and barley fed beef. We custom feed all our stock in a manner that promotes ideal fat and muscle development, creating quality meat and an optimal eating experience. 

Taylor Made Livestock’s unique free range management practice provides us the ability to not only improve our heard phenotypically, but also are able to see carcass traits through inspection, from birth to consumer, first hand to use as an aid to optimize the nutrition value and ideal weight.

Our herd enjoys a free-range environment located in oak-studded hills native to the beautiful California Central Coast. Open pasture exercise and access to native forage, coupled with our corn-based, antibiotic-free rations feed program, promotes optimal fat and muscle at a young age. The meat is pink-hued and heavily marble, suitable for everything from slow cooking to high-temperature outdoor grilling and is especially prized by top chefs, and knowledgeable consumers.

Taylor Made Livestock’s animals are prized for juiciness, flavor and tenderness. We breed hogs, custom feed chickens, lambs, and cattle; and maintain our high end standard for a meat quality rarely found in America. 

Although we pride ourselves on the quality of life for all of our livestock, we also hang our hat on the fact that as a consumer, our meat is the best that you can find.

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AKC Registered Bullmastiffs

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